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Here’s some news from the Globe and Mail that might make you seriously question what kind of society we live in:

Hundreds of Young Girls Work Winnipeg’s Sex Trade

Girls as young as eight are selling sex in the street and in crack houses.

An excerpt:

“Why are we accepting this?” she asked. She believes part of the answer is rooted in racism. The sad reality of sexual exploitation in Winnipeg is that 70 per cent of victims are aboriginal, she said. Compare the attention paid to them, she said, to the outcry over Internet luring, which she described as a middle-class preoccupation.

“They’re people who yell and scream and get a response, while those who are impoverished don’t,” Ms. Runner said.

So, why are we accepting this? And what role do you play in this? Silent observer? Indifferent worker? Not your problem?