While we’re still talking Sarah Palin, check out this great piece by Michael Seitzman at the Huffington Post. He asks a question I think many people are thinking about but are too polite to ask: what if McCain kicks the bucket early? What if Palin has to take over the role of President in an emergency? Says Seitzman:

She’s never actually used the word Shiite in a sentence before. She’s never had to. She’s never given any thought whatsoever to nuclear proliferation. She’s never had to. She’s never thought about Israel, Russia, Korea, or Iran. She’s never even thought about Mexico. So, what HAS she thought about? I mean, what has she thought about that’s going to directly affect you and me if (yes, God forbid) she has to slip into the role of the most powerful leader on the face of the planet? Well, we know she’s given a lot of thought to your uterus. Hell, I think about your uterus all the time and nobody should ever elect me to any office.

Dude, it’s clear what else she’s thought about: drilling for oil and shooting polar bears. But federal budgets and foreign policy and defense spending and nukes, nope. I guess she still has 64 days to figure this stuff out.

I can’t wait to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow respond to McCain’s pick. That’ll make my weekend.